Monday, April 30, 2012

Lost Wallet

I'm not lost the wallet, actually no one lost the wallet....

funny story here~~~~

2pm, Sam and I went to bank for some bank stuff, he realized that his leave wallet at home. So we were heading back home and found the wallet. But he could not find it at home.

I told him called Han and Huat, see whether they accidentally took the wallet. They said "No", and make laugh that who stupid would take the wrong wallet.

5.40pm, I received the call from Han:
Han: Where is Sam?
Me: not here, he should be at office.
Han: I can't get him, he not answer the call.
Me: no idea....why?
Han: Sam's wallet at my bed room.
Me: .............................
Me: kakakakakakaka............
Me: Sam must going to kill you.
Han: tell Sam la. Bye Bye
Me: Bye.

calling Sam....
Me: hahahahaha......I found your wallet.
Sam: where is it?
Me: Han's house
Sam: What the FxxK. He said not take it. I just cancelled all credit cards.
Me: Why you didn't pick his call.
Sam: I'm calling to cancel the credit cards.
Me: you call and scold him :)

An unlucky day of Sam. He has to re-apply all credit cards, and he may need pay the new card charges :)

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