Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday 2013

year 2013....haiz...I have turned to 31 years old....I'm old now. 

I very excited my birthday in the past, I will buy a lot of thing for myself as my birthday gift, I will change hair style, pedicure, manicure, facial to welcome my birthday. 

However, this year.....I busy on Yulena, almost forget my birthday.....

HoneyDew and Dino bought me Minnion Macaroon

Mom help me take care Yulena, so Hubby and I went to Gurney Paragon to celebrate birthday. 

We choose Miam Miam Cafe.

Pot Baked Curry Rice
Lobster Bisque Pasta
Chocolate Banana Pancake

Night, Hubby take care Yulena, so I'm going out with 猪狗党 to celebrate Chiang Han and my birthday at Richard Top Taste Cafe. 

They also bought us Minnion Swiss Roll as birthday cake. 

Hubby asked me come back the soonest, because he also bought me a birthday cake, he and Yulena was waiting me to cut cake. 

Minnion Birthday Cake "AGAIN"

Why? Why everyone bought me minnion? Actually I don't like them......:(

Family Photo with Minnion

Family celebrated birthday with me at TAO. Luckily, Yulena didn't make noisy, so I able to enjoy my Japanese buffet with family, and I also feel lucky no more "Minnion" :P

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