Monday, April 14, 2014

First photo album

I always see Cissy order and DIY the photo album, I hope I able to get one too. 

Finally, I bought one photo album from Groupon few weeks ago. 

RM38 for 8x11 40 pages, softcover.
RM8 for shipping fees

I used online ready book which mean it's ready template and background. I just insert the photo and wording.  
I have tried almost 1 week to do the album, but the server not stable, it's always hang and down when I doing the album. At the end, I just click auto-fill, and no wording, 1 hour to completed everything, I lazy ma.....

Only 2 working days, I received the album :) 

The quality not really good, feel like they just print through A4 paper and clip it, but I still can accept it la. 

      Album of Gold Coast Trip 2012

Going to find other promotion of photo album.... Wanna DIY for other trip... 

1 comment:

janis said...

u can take a look pixajoy.also always hv promotion.
my wedding album n dinner also do fr this company.