Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chee How Birthday @ Salsa

We worried same situation happened like Dew Ching birthday, so we had already planned Chee How birthday on May. Unfortunately, it still some bad thing happened that night.

We called the reservation few days before the dinner night, but the guy did not record it and it causes that no table for us. They arranged 3 separate table for us, but I also angry because their attitude and services. They acted as this was not their responsibility. Give me a bad impression.

We didn't feel any fun because we sat with separate table, and we could not chat and laugh together.

1st table
2nd table
3rd table.
Birthday guy, Chee How
Usually, we were getting 1 yr older after birthday. But he was getting 3yr older after birthday 2010. Because he blow 3 times of candle. 1st time, not sing birthday song, repeat. 2nd time, not took photo yet, repeat. hahahaha.....and we told him we will not celebrate birthday with him in another 2 years, because we already celebrated with him in year 2010.

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