Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birthday ~~Colleague

13 August 2010. What’s the big date? Yeah !!! My birthday……

I had few lunch and dinner celebrated with my colleague, family, friends and dear.

Part 1: Lunch with Ann, Pat and Chai at Kim Gary Restaurant, but I didn't take any photo because I forgot bring camera.

Part 2: Ann would not join us, so we decided had our lunch at Tsuraya Japanese Restaurant. Ann is a person who anti-Japanese Food, so we always enjoy Japaneses food when she does not join us lunch.

Part 3: Cake Cutting with teammate. This is homemade cake from J-Dream House .The taste is very nice, everyone keep eating without talk and someone still feel not enough. This was the 1st time which we feel not enough to eat.


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winnie said...

i also bought the same cake for my mum bday!! hehe