Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birthday ~~~ Ji Mui帮

Who would be the next group celebrate birthday with me? Yes, Ji Mui帮…..

Our original plan was having buffet at E&O Hotel, but I feel “Pai Sei” because I feel quite expensive so we changed the plan. We went to Seasame Soy at G-Hotel.

I did some research before I choose the Seasame Soy, I saw the picture and it look like Western Cuisine. But actually this is Chinese Cuisine. When we see the menu, all of us eyes become big big…..because it’s expensive. This really call “choose choose choose finally choose a bad Longan”…...

Luckily, the food is delicious, at least it would not make us regret had dinner at here.
Me and another birthday boy, Jackie.
After dinner, we went to G-Spot, beside the Seasame Soy.
Cake bought by Wei Ying....

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