Monday, January 17, 2011

KL Shopping Trip @ 15-16 Jan 2011

Chinese New year is just around the corner, so we have to prepare the stuff for CNY. What should I prepare? only "pretty clothes"......

I have been KL last few weeks to celebrate X'mas, and I found that the clothes which sell in Sungai Wang is cheap and nice, almost the clothes is RM25. Some of the clothes which I see at online fashion website, it's selling >RM50 but it only sell RM25 in Sungai Wang.

So, Sam and I went to KL last Saturday for shopping again.......

Snap some photo at Pavilion Mall ~~~~

Rabbit Year ..... so the decoration is using rabbit.
but "stupid Sam" said this is **mouse**

~~~here are some of the clothes I bought~~~
I could not get many clothes because I did not have enough time for shopping.
Only 1 Levis jeans, 1 mini skirt, and 6 dresses.
Those dresses only RM25 each, it's very cheap and nice :(

~~~late X'mas gift from Sam~~~
I could not get any bag last KL trip, he promised I would get a bag before CNY. Luckily, this time I able to find a bag. But when I'm home, I feel the bag not really nice and a big regret to choose this bag.


Evelyn said...

Sis, nice bag!I like it!

Honeydew said...

fernny.. ur bag nice ma...dun regret ler... (:
bought all new year cloth edi??
u know where got sui sui de shoe oh...i can't find...sienzzz..

fernny said...

Evelyn, honeydew....thanks~~~~

honeydew, did u try to find the shoes in autocity? i saw the shoes quite sui but no size for me....maybe u can try.

Honeydew said...

oo..will go there to hv a look..thx ya..