Monday, January 10, 2011

A true story for men and women

A true story which read from email, and share the story here ......

Three answers most scared by men

(1 ) Whatever
Men: What to have for dinner?
Women: Whatever..
Men: Why not we have steamboat?
Women: Don't want, eat steamboat later got pimples on my face
Men: Alright, why not we have Si Chuan cuisine
Women: Yesterday ate Si Chuan, today eat again?
Men: Hmm..... I suggest we have seafood
Women: Seafood not good also, later I might got diarrhea
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women : Whatever..

(2) Anything
Men: So what should we do now?
Women: Anything
Men: How about watching movie? Long time we didn't watch movie
Women: Watching movie not good, waste time only
Men: How about we play bowling, do some exercises?
Women: Exercise in such hot day? Don't u feel tired?
Men: Then we find a café and have drink
Women: Drink coffee will affect my sleep
Men: So, what you suggest then?
Women: Anything!!!

(3)You decide
Men: Then we just go home lo
Women: You decide
Men: Let's take a bus, I will accompany you
Women: Bus is dirty and crowded. Don't want la
Men: Ok we will take Taxi
Women: Not worth it la... for such a short distance
Men: Alright, then we walk lo. Take a slow walk
Women: So hungry, empty stomach how to walk?
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: You decide
Men: Let's have dinner first
Women: Whatever...
Men: Eat what?
Women: Anyting

(Look around... if no ones here, just kill her...)

Did you face above situation before? I believe the answer "YES"........

What's the feeling when this happen?

for womens, feel that there is nothing wrong ~~~~~
for mans, they really want to kill womens ~~~~

Conclusion " women is women"

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