Sunday, April 17, 2011

Medan Trip @ Day 2

Day 2....

Another boring will know the reason soon.

breakfast at hotel
1st stop: took a sightseeing of Lake Toba by boat
view of Lake Toba2nd stop: a small village of royal family.
shopping, bought some souvenir
lunch at Cantonese restaurant
3rd stop: waterfall
4th stop: fruit market
back to hotel
playing cards and eating
dinner at hotel
Do you feel boring after read the Day 2?

For me, yes, it's definetely boring day.

We almost spend all the time in the Van, because it's took more than 3 hour from the location to another location.But we felt more happy and fun in the van.

Day 3.....coming soon....

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janis said...

indo trip is like tat d...when go bali also is like tat,mountain + far,when u sleep after awake also yet arrive..