Sunday, April 10, 2011

Medan Trip @ Day 1

A group of “LunchMate” travel together. According to Patricia told her friends, we’re just lunchmate, not friends. But I’m happy that I just her lunchmate, not true friend. In our group we do not want to become true friends to each other. Maybe you do not understand why I would say, this is our secret. Hahahhaha….. Everyone asked why we went to Medan, the answer is “cheap flight tickets”.

Day 1 - Lake Toba

ready to take off

Lunch busy eating.....

After 4 hours we finally reached the Lake Toba Hotel Niagara Hotel Niagara located in the mountains and driver just put our left, so we do not have places to go. We had to take photo around the hotel

we’re hungry, but dinner has not yet begun. So, just rest at room


walked in the town of Lake Toba

Cute Taxi

Swimming Pool

stay tuned on Day 2 ......

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