Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding Photo - Fashion Bride

10 days to go, I will go to Taiwan to take wedding photo.


No.93-1 Sec.2,Zhongshan N.Rd.,Zhongshan District,Taipei City 104,Taiwan

5 months ago, I promised myself, I must lose my weight to 38kg. But today, I didn't lose my weight and it's keep gaining. OMG!!!

Haiz…..since my diet plan was failed. So I give up and don't care about it now.

I believe the photographer manage to photo me slim and nice. Even though, they can edit the photo to make me look slim. hehehehe......

So, I decided…..I will continue to eat…… :)

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Honeydew said...

oh... can't wait to c ur wedding photo... (:

haha...lets we eat together lar...
n u r still look slim ko..dun worry...