Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Wedding - wedding gown

Unexpectedly, I found my wedding gown at Auto City last Saturday.

Actually, Dino and I went there for dinner, and we decided walk a while after dinner. I did not plan shopping.

Suddenly, I saw a white gown and tried it. Surprisingly, this gown very suit to me and beautiful. This gown not expensive so I decided bought it. In case, I cannot find other gown :P

I have took the photo of the gown and ready to post it. However, Dino said this will not surprise when wedding dinner if I post the photo now. So finally, I keep a little secret of my gown.

We asked Dew Ching dinner with us that night, but she busy. Now, she regret did not go with us, because she has not chance see the gown now. She has to wait until my wedding. She told me she will go with us anywhere, anytime. In case, she miss out accompany me buy the gown and see the gown :)

Dew Ching, no worry,.....I must ask you go together when I want to find the dinner gown. But you don't say "Busy".

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Cissy Tan said...

aiya... miss it... ;)