Thursday, November 1, 2012

Honeymoon at Gold Coast @ Australia_Day 4

For me, it was relax day in Day 4.......

Catch a Crab in the morning......
 board to the boat and heading to the river to catch the crab and prawn. 

we saw the birds and feed the birds on the way

It's time to catch the crab !!!!!

the man show and share with us what is the difference for these 2 crab, but I already forgot what he said. I just remember 1 big crab and 1 small crab :)

They're heading to catch small prawn, but I was afraid dirty, so I just waited at the boat and enjoy the tea and cookies. 

the small prawn they caught for we fishing. 

2 of us didn't get any fish :(

Our Lunch.....Big Crab, Oyster and Fish and Chips, It's delicious 

 Wine tasting after catch the crab, but I didn't take many photo 

free gift from the Wine Farm

We went to HoneyBee Farm and Abalone Factory, I didn't take any photo because it was a outlet to  sell honey and abalone, nothing special. 

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