Saturday, November 3, 2012

Honeymoon at Gold Coast @ Australia_Day 6

Today was last day in Gold Coast, our flight at night 11pm, so we have a lot of free time. 

We decided join the Jet Boat, I thought this is a funny game, but for me......"ok lar"

We still have a lot of time after Jet Boat, so we walked around the Gold Coast beach. 

We have walked few hour at the beach, feel tired. 

rest at a coffee shop, enjoy the movie with Ipad 

 Finally we're home :) 

Prada bag from Hubby for my Birthday. Thanks Hubby 

 All stuffs we bought at Gold Coast

 I would said I have been Gold Coast, but I won't go there again. I prefer Melbourn than Gold Coast, feel Melbourn much happening and more activities. 

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