Sunday, January 13, 2013

5 months / 6 months

I have make a big joke of myself. 

I was very happy last 3 days....because....finally, I pregnant 5 months....

But I went to check up last 2 days.....

Doctor Jason: Congratulation, you are going to pregnant 6 months next week. 
how come??? I thought I just pregnant 5 months.....

my math so come 5 months become 6 months???

I knew the pregnant news in Sep 2012, it was 1st month of pregnant. Now, it's Jan 2013 so I should be pregnant 5 months until today , and the 6 months should be in Feb 2013. I still don't see any wrong :(

However, I'm 23 weeks now and next week is 24 weeks. If count as week, yes...I'm going to 6 months.....

It's very confusing :P

I always hope the time fly as quick as possible. Now, I just enjoy pregnant 5 months around 1 weeks, then it's going to 6 months. 

"time is fly very quick"

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