Monday, January 28, 2013


In the past years, I bought more than 30 pieces new clothes for Chinese New Year. 

But until last month, I still can't find any dress or tops......I very sad because a lot of dress and tops I can't fit. 

I always tell Sam, "I just need buy few dress or clothes, at least I have 1 or 2 new dress to wear in Chinese New Year, I don't want buy too many" :P

Today, I just realized that I have already bought many new clothes for Chinese New Year :)
But the design of the clothes almost same :P

Yeah!!! I have many tops now but I don't have any pants, need continue shopping for pants....

Sam also have many new shirt this year, he already has 11 shirts. I only bought him 4-5 new shirts in last few year, so he can stop shopping. 

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