Saturday, October 19, 2013

A bad day of Yulena

What's the bad day!!!!

Yulena and I went to klinik for injection, but.... I fell down with her together 😰😰😰😰

I don't know why and how I fall down, I don't remember it. 

She cried loudly, and we sent her to Bagan Hospital immediately, Dr.Teh advised us do a CT scan, because she was keep crying and we didn't know any injured if no CT Scan. 

Yulena, only 5 months old but she has to do CT scan. I very sad and worry...

Below are the photo show that Her back was injured, swollen and many red dot...

She stopped cry after sleep. She could smile and play with us. 

We were waiting around 3 hour to get the report. 

Bad news and good news!!!

Good news : she no internal bleeding, no brain damage 😌

Bad news : fracture at parietal bone, small scalp hematoma.😨😰😨😨

Dr.Teh transferred her to GMC hospital, for Neurosurgery è„‘神经外科. 
(If u don't understand Neurosurgery, you can 
Watch the TVB drama -on call 36 小时,马国明主科)

Sent her to GMC hospital, Dr.Yong need her admission to observe 24 hour, to monitor her any bleeding, fever, vomit and etc. 

The room card has a small brain icon, mean this patient is brain problem. I was very sad and worry when see this icon.

Dr. Yong said that she look everything well, except the fracture, it's no big problem, it could be recover itself and no medicine for her. 

Next day, she didn't vomit and bleeding, doctor announced she could go home, but she need go back next week do X-Ray again, to see how is her fracture. 😭😭😭

Hope she going well....

Hope her fracture recover itself.....

Yulena, Mama love you 😘😘😘😘

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