Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Melbourne 2014 _Day 1

The day finally come!!! My feeling is complicated. I'm happy going to travel, but I'm also sad little brother leaving us. 

This was the first time I have no mood packing, feel want to cry when I think about him :( 

Papa and little brother Loon. 
Every time papa just drop us, and drive away immediately when he sent us to airport. But this time, Papa not like to leave, he just look at him, feel like 依依不舍, even he requested take few photo with Loon (Papa is not a person who like to take photo).

Breakfast at Delifrance

Take photo when we wait for boarding. 

 It's was late when we arrived hotel 11pm, but Malaysia time is 8pm. We stayed at The Victoria Hotel Ibis Styles Melbourne, which great location for shopping, eating and transportation.

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