Sunday, March 16, 2014

Goh Kaki

GohKaki, I heard this cafe many times, read the blog for this cafe many times, but I always no chance been there. So today, I decided have lunch at here....

  The meaning of GohKaki in hockien is corridor. 

The corridor of cafe is very long, I think this is old traditional house style. 
   It's only few customer, it's easy for me to take photo, but I bring Nana, so it's make me hard to take photo too :(

The food name is very special.... You won't know what is this if you just see the name.    

            Wedding field 花田喜事 RM12.90
         Blue paddy flower 蓝田花伴 RM12.90

        Snowy mountain fox 雪山飞狐 RM11.90

Ice lemon tea黎明再现 RM6.50

Address: 34&36 Lebuh Bishop 10200 Georgetown Penang
Tel: 04-2629916

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