Saturday, March 1, 2014

The night I can't sleep

No more coffee!!!! I have a cup of Mocha last night....what I got after this? 

Ya ya....I can't sleep.... It's 3am now, I still no feel sleepy but I feel hungry :P 

Hubby not home, he went to Library with friends, Nana slept, No one chat with me, and I also could not watch tv at living room, because I can't left Nana alone. 

It's boring at bedroom, only Facebook, reading novel, playing game. 

1.30am, called hubby, he was heading to 2nd pg bridge. It was 2nd Penang bridge opening ceremony, Sam and his friend went to 2nd pg bridge... For what? Defitinely for "kepo".

3.30am, finally he back and cooked Maggie mee for me. You may feel he so sweet but I think he scare of I angry, so cook mee for me when he knows I hungry. 

4am.... It's time I go to bed, try to close my eyes, count sheep... 

1 sheep jump 
2 sheep jump
3 sheep jump
4 sheep jump
5 sheep jump 

Good night everyone!!! 

And good morning soon ^_^

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