Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dew Ching Birthday

This was a Bad day, we forgot check "tong seng" before we went out.

This was a funny day, because we went to 5 restaurant in 1 night.

This was a long long way for a dinner.

At first, we planned dinner at Harvest which located at Pulau Tikus. But our bad organizer Cissy, she didn't call the restaurant for reservation, when we reached there, it's closed today.

Nvm......we had 2nd choice, we went to gurney a restaurant called 75, we know this restaurant from junk mail. We reached there, the sign board show that only served for member.

Oh no....our 3rd choice, we decided move to the restaurant beside 75, but it's full house.

OMG.....our 4th choice, the Japanese restaurant which design like a jail located at around Upper Penang Road, but it's already closed.

We hungry, tired but we had no idea where we should go.....depart from Butterworth 6.30pm, but already 8.30pm, 3 cars just park beside the road and think that what was our next choice. Kesian.......

Last choice, Ferringhi Garden. Luckily, it's still open and still got table for us.

Birthday gal "Dew Ching"

We promised our self, the next birthday guy, Chee How. We must confirm the reservation and check "tong seng" before we go for dinner. Hope that we no need drive here drive there to find restaurant.

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