Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lee Shi Han Birthday

Back from Taiwan on Monday, but I went to KL on Saturday. Why? Because my little princess "Shi Han" birthday.

I'm very tired and I need some rest, so I didn't go anywhere. Just stayed at Sis's house and watch tv.

We had dinner at Sakae Sushi, but we had no good time for dinner. Because Shi Han always want touched this, touched that. We must paid fully attention to her, to avoid her touched anything.

my little princess "Lee Shi Han". Don't confusing, She is a girl, but her face a bit look like little boy.

another princess, sit beside my brother. She doesn't like take photo with us, so her face a bit "beh siok"

birthday cake for Shi Han

Sing birthday song....
where was the cake? we kept it, because Shi Han always want touched it. We had no choice, just kept in kitchen