Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jenifer birthday

"Ta Kak Jie" birthday. Who is she? Jenifer Goh, our "ta kak jie". She said she wants go to try that seafood restaurant at Tanjong Tokong, all of us said "ok...ok..." But this was a bad experience for us. Why? because.....

1. many ants on our table.

2. 小强fell down on Jackie head, and he pushed the 小强 in the food. I believe you know what is 小强.

2nd round, Red box KTV. only few of us sing song, other was busy on laptop and I-phone to play game.

small game session, we sent Jackie played the game 抢椅子

Jackie lose the game, because of his small ass. Very quickly someone kicked his ass out.

birthday gal, I believe that I die soon once she see I upload her photo.

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