Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cum Cum Wedding

Cum Cum big day .......

We told her will be reached hotel at 3.30pm, she asked her buy KFC "Chessy Wedges"....tam chiak bride...

she was make up when we'll be there, so she cannot eat chessy wedges

I never see a tam chiak bride like her

continue hair do

take photo when she make up

found the error of the card....funny...

we keep remind her, don't walk too fast in red carpet, but she didn't make it...

practiced walking when she was going to walk into the hall....


Morning session, she was make up when I at there. 

Bride still can play game while waiting groom

Due to Bride request no game for groom immediately enter the room after give us angpow. 

No game, no's only serve tea to parents and relatives, and give angpow to kids. It's only spent half hour to complete all session. 

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